John Chris Jones
Born in Wales, 1927
His latest book, ‘The Internet and Everyone’ is published by Ellipsis
and is also available in electric form at
JCJ’s visual poems and digital diary appear at
Aidan Hughes
Began his career as a commercial artist in 1979, writing and illustrating his own publications. One magazine, BRUTE!, became a cult hit and spawned a paperback, two TV series and a slew of ad campaigns. In 1986 he began working for German industrial band KMFDM, encompassing over three dozen CD sleeve designs and two animated pop promos. BRUTE! is best known in the US today. In 1996, he moved to Seattle where he wrote and art directed ZPC, No Flesh Shall Be Spared, a first-person shoot-’em-up computer game. Aidan continues to work as a commercial artist, designing web sites, book and CD sleeves. Most recent exhibitions were in Detroit, San Francisco and Houston. Presently working on a series of artistic tributes to the New York disaster.
  Zineb Sedira
‘My work explores the paradoxes and intersections of my dual French and Algerian identity. I use video, photography, writing, installations and 3D objects to examine the themes of genre, family, representation, language and memory. I question and reinterpret the dichotomy between Western and Islamic Arab images, the icons and rituals within the family stories, particularly the mother-daughter relationship’. Silent Sight explores issues of representation, veiling and mother - daughter relationship, touching also on wider cultural issues - through its cinematic quality, a strong reference to the French ‘cinema vérité’ is explored and the way women in these films were portrayed. I have exhibited internationally, including this year’s Venice Biennale and Valencia's first Biennial.  
Pam Hogg
“For her disciples, fashion renegade Pam Hogg is an icon, the last survivor of the 80’s club-class designers who partied at Blitz with Boy George and David Bowie. She’s been there, done that and made the T-shirt for bad girls Anita Pallenberg, Siouxsie Sioux and Blondie. While never losing her passion for producing her brand line of are-you-looking-at-me clothes, she’s written a screenplay which she’s recently been filming, in and around her Kings Cross apartment with Daryl Hannah, Keith Allen and 70’s heart throb David Soul.” James Sherwood, Elle, June 2001
John Dunbar
Born, Mexico 1943.  
Yoko Ono
Lives and works in New York City.
John Spencer
Born in a hospital. Operates on instinct, true beliefs, hearts, feelings and reality. Founder member of the underground vegetable movement, plotted in the 20th century which digs vegetables and the pick of the fruits. Aims: to push fruit and vegetables into the 21st century. Method: rake and hoe. These staple foods are intrinsic to the human race, regardless of any biological differences. See what grows out of this earth and cultivate it for progress. The underground vegetables believe in a simple way of living, loving and giving. I can’t face people who pretend to be interested in things that they couldn’t care less for. This is underground vegetable art ya’ll. Eat Ital Stew n’ breathe.
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